Wednesday, 21 December 2016

Holiday Marketing Tips: The retreat season could treat your brand jolly good!

Starting from November, people around the world are in their festive mood making the most of the long holiday season ahead of them. But for consumers, holiday season may not be half as jolly and to reverse exactly this feeling for them; your brand should deliver the best in order to stand out. However, how do you ensure to keep your audience engaged during holiday season with a stunning marketing campaign in a manner that they can’t help but notice you! If you’re stuck with holiday marketing, these points might help you plan your campaign better:

   1. Personalized Marketing is the key.

Right from the stage of conceptualization, it is necessary to get some data listed down such as the target audience analysis, your audience preferences, what do you want to communicate through your brand? and more.

Pic Credits: This picture is soourced from Kaboompics.

It is essential to understand that as much the holiday season can be a good time for brand marketing, it is the time when your audience is relaxed and would not like to analyse your brand’s marketing too much. Neither, do they have too much time to give your campaign two thoughts. Hence, make it simple and smart in a manner that it manages to attract attention and yet motivates your consumer to fall into purchasing what you want to sell.

   2. Play on the emotional factors, exactly where it hits.

Your audience loves you but how to ensure that you’re luring them to be occupied with your brand. Festivals revoke memories, and it is best if you can include the emotional factors so that your audience falls in love with you.

Your consumers do not really have a lot of time, because holiday is meant to be off media, however if you’re successful in capturing their attention, it is going to give you a good return on your campaign.

   3. Your brand should communicate what it sells, even during holidays.

When we say this, we mean that as Orca Studio, we cannot be doing a campaign on selling clothes or gifts but what we can do is to create a video that brings people together during shopping sessions and how reminiscing on old advertisements can be a way to catch up in each other’s company!

Since the past two years, REI has been doing a campaign called the #OptOutside Campaign during which it closes its doors to its retail locations and instead invites the online community to tweet with pictures when they are outdoors with their loved ones with the above mentioned hashtag to encourage people to spend quality time with each other at a park or at the beach rather than shopping at the malls. 

Pic Credits: This picture is sourced from Outdoor research.

Craft a shareable campaign!

Tis’ the season to be jolly so craft your campaign accordingly. If people love your campaign, make it easy for them to share it with their loved ones. If you want your consumers to participate in the campaign, then make it engaging in a manner that they do not leave your landing page without entering the campaign.

Along with the shareable content, it is also the season to include some online deals and announce some giveaways which will ensure more reach and thereby increased engagement for your product or service.

For instance, a hotel can always provide discount deals during holidays and motivate their audience to step out of their houses, take a vacation and stay at the hotels! Hotel Tonight had run a campaign asking their followers on social media to share their funny story or memory at a hotel and a $500 worth stay at one of Hotel Tonight’s chain of hotels. 

Pic credits: This picture is sourced from Hotel Tonight.
So, next time that you are curating a campaign during the time of holiday, you might want to consider the above points and make the most of this season to make your brand presence unavoidable yet joyful resonating the season greetings!

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Monday, 19 December 2016

Orca’s take on whether Omni-channel discovery is the best bet for your brand.

Pic Credits: This picture is sourced from Trellis.

Omni Channel marketing, as new as it sounds, is really an old marketing concept which has help the grip on it for a long while now, and hopefully will continue to do so. One of the concepts that were forethought of, especially aimed at the number of channels via which marketing was possible, omni channel marketing could only do more good than bad for your brand. And, we at Orca are decoding why:

  1. Digital Presence
Every other business and brand is vying for a digital space, and not just the space but for the brand presence on a digital platform. Omni channel marketing can take care of that because it aims to reach audience and convince them through devices and digital tools.

   2. Multiple Channel
      The entire deal of Omni Channel marketing is co-ordinated via the multiple channels which means this concept refers to marketing a brand by discovering the true potential of each channel available to reach the audience. Consumers are on Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Pinterest, Tumblr and more making it an easy task to target the right type of audience to boost your brand presence.

   3. Cross Device targeting
      Cross Device targeting is a fairly new concept considering the growing usage of devices. Now, it is estimated that in US alone, each household use three or more devices whereas in the UK, an average household owns 7.4 internet devices. With this increase in the purchase of devices, reaching out to this audience has only become simpler through the means of internet.

Pic Credits: This picture is sourced from NectarOm

Apart from all of this, bigger brands have already started employing the means of omni-channel discovery to grow their brand. Some major examples are these:


Disney was among the first ones to begin a personalised tour on the website by helping tourists to plan a Disney visit and making arrangements to suit the visit including lodging and instant call-to-action feature in case of any difficulty. All the website features were later transitioned on to the app as well.

Like Disney, these days a number of businesses have grown to install a virtual tour of a place, amusement park, a tourist spot, etc which has led to a growth in their business.

Domino’s Pizza

Did you know that 50% of Domino’s sales in the US is through the means of digital channels, especially that from mobile?

Domino’s is an outlet that needs to constantly evolve on their marketing channels due to the evolving competition from different fast food chains. Added to this, there is an additional responsibility of being an on-consumer-demand business and that’s when Domino’s used voice—related search to their advantage by being the initial business brand to help customers place orders using voice commands. The reach has been constantly increasing with Domino’s exploring various channels and platforms to integrate voice search to place orders.

These are some examples of brands that have made use of omni-channel discovery to potentially improve their business and sales. And, it could do the same for your brand too, however before you get started, remember:
   1.       To Develop an Omni-channel location data plan.
   2.       To understand your consumer’s Omni-channel requirements.
   3.       Chalk out what the future looks like for your brand with respect to each channel so that you could steer Omni-channel discovery in the right direction.
      If you think you’re ready with all this data, you’re ready to be discovered by your audience instantly, thanks to your smart marketing strategy! 

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Wednesday, 14 December 2016

The ads of 2016 that created a great impact, this year!

Advertisements or Commercials are of various kinds and are created to draw attention. Whether broadcast, print, online or outdoor, these ads have a single aim- to grab eyeballs. The target audience, the industry vertical, the placement of ads might differ however the basic objective is to retain their brand identity in the minds of the consumers.

Taking this into picture, we have curated a list of the top 10 ads of 2016 that we could not forget even as the year is about to end! Advertisements also create history in their own way, we are chalking down some of them which have been creative for this year.

1. Nike: Da-Da-Ding Campaign

Nike India, in its recently-launched ad film 'Da Da Ding', a part of 'Nike: Just Do It' campaign, features women athletes along with Bollywood actress Deepika Padukone. The ad has been conceptualised by Wieden+Kennedy Delhi and has a catchy tune to it which is vibrant and zealous.

The advertisement focuses on girls taking over the sports scene and depicts a variety of sport being played. The cast consists of women from different sporting cultures such as surfer Ishita Malviya to national hockey player Rani Rampal to footballer Jyoti Ann Burret. The campaign is a direct communication on the behalf of Nike to encourage young girls to look up to the reigning female athletes and create a niche for themselves in sports.
Watch the commercial here:

2. Imperial Blue: Men will be Men Ad Campaign

This ad featuring Disha Patani has become famous due to the humour everyday element which overrides the script. The type of ad is also known as “slice of life” advertising or “surrogate situational” advertising because the ad plays on the power of the brand identity to convey the ad message in spite of the product’s promotions being banned in India.

Playing on the age old tagline of “Men will be Men” coupled with humour and everyday life elements; the ad is a hard-to-miss!
Check out the commercial here:

3. Vodafone: #SuperDad Ad Campaign

Yet another series by the creative director who brought to life the boy and the pug and Zoozoos for Vodafone, the Super Dad Ad campaign pulls an emotional string in everyone’s heart by downplaying humour. The entire campaign rests on the father-child relationship and it’s amazing how the advertising of Vodafone Internet is subtle yet strong in its own manner.

The campaign was aimed at making consumers feel super but the Super Dad campaign does strike a chord where necessary, and yet makes them feel super!
So kudos to the thought behind the ad and here’s the commercial if you’ve missed it:

4. Flipkart: No Kidding, No Worries Ad Campaign

The FlipKart Kids Campaign conceptualised and created by Happy Services India was a hit and has had a second innings to the initial campaign which was loved by the audience. The kids had adult voice-overs and issues which made the entire plot good to watch!

The ad campaigns strategically dish out various services like Cash on Delivery and Shopping on the internet playing on elements of cuteness of the kids and adult-mimicry. These tiny tots have succeeded at charming the audience with their play and you could check the ad here:

5. Cadbury Diary Milk: Badhti Dosti Ke Naam, Kuch Meetha Ho Jaye Ad Campaign

Leveraging on the age old Saas-Bahu drama, Cadbury with this ad campaign, gives the entire relationship perception a beautiful twist towards harbouring friendship between the two. The setting and backdrop of the advertisement is homely making it easier to relate to for not only women but also men (who have been stuck between their wives and mothers).

The ad intelligently plays on building a bond of friendship by sharing a Cadbury Diary Milk and dancing on the streets. Both the characters in the ad have done pure justice with their acting and the audience, at the end of the advertisement flow with happiness at what they see on screen. If you want to be beaming of happiness, check the commercial here:

6. Pepsi: Pepsi Thi, Pee Gaya Ad Campaign

Doing its round for some of the wrong reasons, the recent campaign of Pepsi with the tagline as, “Pepsi Thi Yaar, Pee gaya is being compared to the FTII hunger protests by the students. However, irrespective of the comparisons that are being drawn, this J. Walter Thompson campaign works on the subtlety of how Pepsi is irresistible.

The aim of the campaign is to simply highlight the great taste of the beverage and the nonchalance of the boy delivering the main dialogue is the strong point of the commercial. Whether, the rumours have helped the campaign or not are a different issue, but the ad sure has built its space in the consumer’s minds. Check the ad out here:

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Tuesday, 13 December 2016

The beginner’s guide to Social Media Marketing: Orca Studio perspective

While Content Marketing is the runway business for most agencies these day, Social media marketing is nowhere behind considering the increasing use of customers, audience and clients present on various social media platforms whether Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube or even Snapchat. Especially, if you are new to social media, how can you employ the tool to boost your business, to generate commerce, both inbound and outbound. We will tell you how!

There are certain points that need to be chalked out before you start with social media marketing for your brand and this framework will decide how it is going to supplement your business, too.

Credits: Image sourced from Google

1. Mimicry is Foolish.

Mimicking famous brands to create a similar niche for yourself is sure not a great idea, when it comes to social media platforms.  Most social media platforms are public and your audience respects you for the originality or the uniqueness that you present in front of them. They want to consume unique content over over-used or re-done words and design.

While you could adapt to a particular method or imbibe certain practices that are trending, stay away from sharing the same things that other brands do.

For instance: Orca Studio does a #BTS every Saturday to give an insight on what goes behind while working with an Advertising agency and that in itself arouses curiosity amongst consumers.

Credits: Image sourced from Google

2. Do not post due to selfish reasons.
We all know you are making use of social media platforms to scale your business however that does not mean, you blatantly make a fool out of your audience. It is essential to respect your consumers and provide them food for thought.

If you post content worth sharing, it grabs more eyeballs than posting stuff that is insignificant or not worthy of re-posting.

For eg: Most top blogs still find their traffic soaring because of the shares, tweets, likes, re-posts that they get for each of their posts.

3. A Tweet in Time Saves Nine.
Every social media platform has a time factor to adhere to which means the right posting time slot during which the maximum number of audience on that particular social media platform are active to consume the content that you’re providing.

We at Orca Studio follow the following timeline that works best for our brand. You might also want to try it!

Credits: Image sourced from Instagram

4. Use the right elements!
When we mention elements, don’t get us wrong because we are referring to the appropriate hashtags, the location, knowing which photos to post and what to update as stories, etc.

A viral social media post combines all the above factors to get themselves trending and that is why you must make use of the right hashtags paired with an irresistibly interesting caption posted at the right time with a fun boomerang story updated so that your audience can’t help but double tap or wow your post!

5. Social Media = Donut for your business.
Social media is a growing platform with the number of consumers using each of these tools increasing day by day and it has only become easier with Social media to access your consumers through the means of internet.

Credits: Image sourced from Google

We at Orca Studio are working to leverage each and every platform in a way that we retain our clients and yet generate leads which turn into potential customers of our services. Social Media is a booming business platform and if you have not yet explored this kingdom, it’s time that you sign up today itself!

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Thursday, 8 December 2016

Are paid campaigns effective for your brand?

Marketing is a huge arena with a lot explored and yet a lot left unexplored. When you have a business, it is essential that you know how to market it so that you can convert your leads into effective sales. Most brands experiment with unpaid campaigns initially, to observe and analyse the engagement that they are getting with their content, creative and strategy. But, the right time to begin paid marketing for your brand should be estimated by taking into consideration the above analysis before you actually commence the campaign.

How to make sure that you’re at a juncture to begin paid campaigns for your brand?

1. You’re a Master or a Jack at Unpaid Marketing

There are two instances to look at before you begin paid campaigns- whether you’re good at organic marketing or whether you’re completely falling dull at it, thus resulting in your efforts going completely futile. If you’ve explored all forms of organic marketing, turning towards paid marketing can further enhance your brand presence and your business’ marketing turn-out (subject to your brand’s marketing schemes). If organic marketing is not working for your business at all, and then it’s time you invest some money and effectively chalk out a plan to make the online efforts work for you. However, there are some more aspects to it which will be discussed below.

Credits: This picture is sourced from eintellisence

2. You’ve a set budget for your paid campaign in mind

When you’re in the initial phase of starting out with a paid campaign, it is necessary to allocate a fixed budget for your paid marketing campaign otherwise you may run out of money, too soon. It is essential also to understand how much money to put in on which channel, so that your returns are in tandem with the money you invest. Basically, improving your ROI is dependent on the money you spend in the campaign – budget.

For e.g. On the basis of your online presence, Facebook determines your PPC budget to reach a particular number of audience. While big names like Neil Patel might be paying 0.01 paise for an ad campaign on Facebook, there are mediocre brands that have to shell out Rs.10 for each click.

3. Your data is up-to-date with the right keywords and ad copy

It is necessary to make sure that you’re aware of which keywords are working well for your business.You could seek help from a SEO/SMM analyst or you can work your way through keyword and ad word planner to gather the data by yourself. If an effective and appealing ad copy is coupled with the suitable keywords, it’s time you started exploring paid marketing campaign.

  Credits: This picture is from LinkedIn Ads.
4. You saw an initial boost in traffic but since then, it’s  been stagnant

If your organic campaign resulted in an initial boost in traffic, it means that digital marketing is working right for your business. However, some times, organic campaigns can also stagnate the traffic after a point in time and that is when, it is implying that you began with paid campaigns on various platforms that can improve the reach of your brand to the right type of audience thereby improving your ROI.

5. When you notice a growing sense of trust amongst your customer base

When your campaign reach is immense and you see a growing follower base and improvement in the engagement, you should turn to paid marketing campaigns to convert these potential leads into loyal customers.

Credits: This picture is from Archimag.
However, before incorporating a paid campaign into your marketing strategies, it is essential to understand that a successful PPC campaign does not take place overnight. It needs a lot of analysis, testing and patience to deliver the results which will show increasingly impressive ROI for your brand’s marketing campaign.

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Tuesday, 6 December 2016

Why do we call our Ad Agency a Studio?

“We create, We connect, We communicate!”

Orca Studio

Office has been synonymous for us with varied definitions restrictive to a glass building, cubicles within and to an extent a coffee machine, however most work spaces are now undergoing a transition in their architectural design to suit the culture that that they want to portray to their audience!

But now the days are changing from the times when formal dress code ruled the work fashion or addressing each other by first names were a taboo to a more relaxed working style. The private industry is seeing a boom in the cool culture and why not, hierarchy in work is necessary but why make it evident, right? A work space must resonate the kind of work it does or the services it offers. For instance, if you went to a restaurant serving Gujarati thali that had a South Indian theme to it, wouldn’t you feel out of place?

Yellow walls, a beautiful balcony full of plants and some colourful bean bags have become a part of our everyday lives at Orca Studio. Our studio not only showcases but also oozes the creativity of each and every individual working here. The black lampshades against the grey and yellow walls are thematic of what we present online as well, and this is what motivates us to craft some amazing things for our clients.

Orca Studio

Advertising is a diverse field and has many facets, unexplored to it. In this tech city, we take pride in being a tad more creative apart from being logical to provide the best to our clients. The kitchen is an open space for everyone to experiment as a chef or for starters, as a coffee maker and the dining hall has heard more talks than any other place. This space binds our young team together which is necessary to channelize the efforts in our work.

It’s not only the space, but also the brainstorming sessions and huddles which contribute towards us calling our agency, a studio. We believe in that a physical space can boost the thirst for creativity and innovation and when we couple it with employee-employer interaction; it can lead to nurturing the suitable type of workplace behaviour.

Environmental psychology is a vital aspect that shapes workplace behaviour, irrespective of the industry one is working in, it is essential to design and organize spaces that are dynamic and engrossing for people. And all this contributes to why we like calling our young advertising agency, a studio!
Pic Credits: The picture is sourced from Flickr by nkeppol

Please note: The above article is industry, vertical and work specific. A number of firms/business/work-spaces need to adhere to a certain kind of work setting to bring out the right output from the employers. This article is limited to Orca Studio’s working patterns.

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Thursday, 1 December 2016

Demonetisation paving the way for Digital India

Pic credits: This picture is sourced from Google
In this digital era, demonetization has come as a shocker to the entire nation. And, no one is to blame because major transactions in different areas in the country are still dependent on cash payments to get rid of the problem of parallel economy. While the country remains divided into three sects with the advent of the ruling- the ones who are happy, others who are against it and quite a few who remain neutral about the entire thing, there’s a lot more that escapes the newspapers.

The demonetization ruling has different effects on urban areas and the rural areas. In most rural areas, digitization has not settled in and maximum transactions happen in the way of hard cash which also means people in the area have been deeply affected. But with things going wrong, this ruling also has the prospect to become an opportunity for rural India. The opportunity to now turn digital and explore various other streams of profession and payments. So we are looking at how Demonetization and Digitization are strolling around hand in hand romancing each other while we ogle at them in envy (or in contentment).

   1.     Demonetization came in at a juncture when it was least expected and that too in a sudden manner        which shook the country with the ruling and it also managed to succeed at its crux to bring down         corruption in the system.


  2.    As the liquid flow of cash in the system went down, people started turning to digital payment        instruments such as Debit and Credit Cards or pre-paid transactions alongside digital wallets  likePaytm, OlaMoney, Freecharge and Mobikwik in order to make their disbursements flow    smoothly. 

Pic credits: This picture is sourced from Google.

    3.  Earlier these payment instruments were restricted to a number of activities like shopping and travel, however with demonetization, smaller shops and outlets also started accepting payment via online transactions.
E.g.: A pani-puri stall vendor in a small village in Haryana continued with his business using Paytm Wallet. As a matter of fact, this shift undertaken by him actually boosted his sales due to lesser competition from other sellers accepting online payment.

   4. The liquidity crunch in the system has also encouraged the government to appoint a 13-member panel headed under the Chief Minister of Andhra Pradesh, Mr.Chandrababu Naidu to promote digital payment systems across various sectors in the country. 
   5. There are a number of cash-back options which are available with online payment instruments making it a more viable choice for customers.

   6.   The government aims to find bottlenecks and works on addressing the issues that the common man is facing so as to conceive solutions which will make the payment system flow easily in the economy thereby promoting rural India to adopt the new schemes of digitization. 

   7.  It’s time that Digital India became a reality, and thanks to demonetization, for rapidly boosting this change that will result in the nation’s progress. 

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